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Swimming Pool & Spa Water Testing Equipment

Lovibond's measuring equipment, rapid tests and reagents help with reliable, fast and safe analysis to control and guarantee purity and quality of water and colour.


Water care is a must, even for the smallest pool. No pool owner can get a reliable overview of whether the pH value and chlorine content in their water paradise are in order more easily and quickly than with the pooltester from Lovibond®. Simply immerse the water tester or fill a water sample into the chambers, add a fast-dissolving test tablet and see with your own eyes where there is a need for action. The water changes colour and the comparison scale makes it easy to read off the values. From pH to chlorine, bromine, active oxygen to copper and calcium hardness, the pooltester offers all the important parameters that every pool owner needs to keep an eye on, depending on the version.

Pooltester for the check of pH and water care products | Lovibond

When a pool is properly balanced, it has proper levels of pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness. The water in a swimming pool is constantly changing. Everything from the weather, the number of swimmers, or anything else that comes into contact with the water has an effect.

Routine measurement of key water quality parameters can help ensure a swimming pool is safe and enjoyable for swimming. This will also save time and costs associated with the maintenance of the pool and extend the lifespan of your filtration equipment.


Test the pool water quickly with Pooltester Lovibond | Eurospapoolnews.com

Our Icarus pool maintenance team works Lovibond photometric detection for precise water testing. At each maintenance visit, the dose of the pool chemicals are calculated according to your pool volume to ensure perfect water parameters and healthy swim.  

Process photometer - MD 200 series - Tintometer - Lovibond - for drinking  water / for swimming pools / benchtop

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