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How much does it cost to maintain a swimming Pool?

Swimming pool maintenance is key to enjoy your pool for many years. 

A realistic assessment covers three sections:

The maintenance cost of a swimming pool depends on the pool water volume. 

Topping up Your Swimming Pool Water

The price in Brunei for domestic water tariff is $0.11 for the first 54.54 m3 per month and $0.44 for over 54.54 m3 water.

The top-up water required depends on the weather conditions. On hot days, more water will evaporate and needs to be topped up. Frequent swimming requires water top up as your pool loses water while you are swimming and when you get out of your pool. Monitor your pool water level after pool parties, as the loss can add up to several centimetres.

Rain plays a major part in how much water you need to top up the swimming pool. The average rainfall in Brunei is 2,909 mm (114.5 in) or 242.4 (9.5 in) per month, meaning an average dilution of 242.4 l per square meter swimming pool surface area.

We advise to backwash your pool regularly, which causes water loss. 

Cost of Maintenance Products

Maintenance products need to be regularly added to your swimming pool water to ensure a clean and healthy swimming pool. Chlorine and soda ash are most commonly used to sanitise the water and maintain the pH parameter. The better you maintain your swimming pools water parameters the lower the overall costs will be.

We like to use the example of a bath tub to explain the importance of additives. Imagine to bath and dip into the same water few days later? So why compromise hygiene for your swimming pool?

Untreated swimming pool water is not only an inviting breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, but also mosquitos and other insects. 

Avoid Dirt in Your Swimming Pool

You can save on swimming pool chemicals by preventing dirt getting into the pool. Also fallen leaves ending up in your pool increase the need for swimming pool chemicals. A decking is recommended to avoid grass and dirt getting easily into the pool.

A shower before your swim saves on pool chemicals. Deodorant, sunscreen, dead skin flakes, hair ending up in the pool will increase such consumption.

Use of Chemical Products

Swimming pool water needs to be tested and adjusted regularly. Water testing tells you what chemicals you need to add. We advise to test your water minimum once a week. If you swim on a daily basis, you should consider testing the water parameters daily. Even if your swimming pool is not in use, you should maintain a minimum weekly test. 

Regular testing and balancing detects any parameter fluctuations. Adjust the water quality promptly to keep the water quality consistent. This will save on swimming pool maintenance costs.

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